Top 10 Celebrities With The Highest Instagram Follower Right Now!

Since its inception in the year 2010, Instagram has grown by leaps and bounds. Understandably so, as the platform was all about ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, which makes it easy for users to share theirs and look at uploaded ones by others. However, from being a photo-sharing platform to a part of the modern lifestyle, Instagram has come a long way. It has also become a great tool for celebrities to stay connected with their fans from around the world – giving them a chance to witness a part of their lives through this great social platform. In this article, we have compiled a list of top 10 celebs having the highest follower count in the world right now. Without further ado, here it goes –

Justin Bieber: 115 million followers

Justin Bieber currently ranks 10th on the list of most followed celebrities on Instagram. After gaining overnight fame and success through his composition One Night, which he posted on YouTube, Justin Bieber hasn’t looked back since then. A gentle and kind voice helped Justin Bieber reach the hearts of millions around the world, and that fan following is clearly visible on Instagram as well, where he has an astonishing 115 million followers. Apart from his pop concerts, he has also introduced a line of perfumes.

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