26 Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgery

“Nobody is Perfect”, we chorus it all the time, but for most of our darling celebrities, the phrase has no stand especially when it comes to their body parts. Celebrities are not hesitant to drop a fortune to enhance their body parts whenever they feel the need, a sad situation that is often blamed on the pressure of stardom. Well, while some of them opt for moderate fixes and end up looking better than their original versions, others pushed too hard and turned out looking like some creature from a science fiction movie. Not even the best hands in plastics could help their situation. You can only cheat nature for so long right? From liposuction to facelifts, to boobs and butt implants, here are 26 most expensive celebrity plastic surgeries.

26. Blake Lively

Bill: $7,300

Blake Lively 5

Gossip Girl star spent $7,300 to hone her nose to a thinner look and to reduce her saggy eyelids. Though it took much pressure and gossip before Blake finally agreed to receive surgery, she can be forgiven coz she didn’t end up looking weird. There are recent rumors that Blake underwent a breast enlargement procedure but the actress has denied doing such, maybe she requires more pressure like the last time or just maybe it could be only a rumor.

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